Helpful Directions For University Students On Writing Essays On Religion

The best college essays are usually those that begin with a single question or a set of related questions that generally are of special interest to the writer. When writing an essay on religion it’s a good idea to begin by finding a really good question you would like to have an answer to. Finding a good question will make it much easier to explore and answer it sufficiently. Your enthusiasm will show in your writing and you will be more likely to impress your professor and fellow students with your writing skill. Here are some helpful directions when writing a university essay assignment on religion:

Writing a Good Thesis Statement

You should be familiar that a thesis statement is often described as the main argument or idea of your essay. This is true, but in longer projects the stakes of a thesis state are much higher and should contain three elements: it should be unique, it should be arguable, and it should be interesting. Your thesis shouldn’t be taken from an idea you have read about someplace else; it should be a clear and concise answer to a question, or questions, you’ve asked yourself based on the text you or evidence you have been researching.

Understanding Your Motive

Another way of looking at this is remembering that your essay should answer the “so what?” question. Most critical readers, and your professor, will have this question lingering in the back of their minds. Asking yourself the “so what?” question will take your mind towards the realm of defining your motive for writing this essay to begin with. It’s basically the reasons you have subscribed to justify the work you have done.

Writing Great Body Paragraphs

Your body paragraphs should provide evidence that go beyond what you have studied or read to support your own claims; it requires that you provide your interpretations of the readings. Remember that different people may have completely different viewpoints. It’s your job to use whatever evidence and synthesize it to convince your audiences that the point of view you have is reasonable and valid.

Writing Great Topic Sentences

Many writers will argue that there is no exact formula for writing great topic sentences. But there at least a few methods you can try to write topic sentences that get the job done. Consider using complex sentences that combine a transition from the previous paragraph by stating what the main point of the new paragraph is. Another method to try is using a question at the end of a paragraph that thrusts the reader into the new one with an answer.