Finding diagnostic essay topics: where to start

Diagnostic essays are usually assigned in the beginning of the term to assess the writing skills of the student. Most teachers keep it a class task without much time to plan and researching on the web. Such essays do not contribute towards the final grade though. Their sole purpose is to identify the skills and creativity of the student. If you are assigned a diagnostic essay as your home task or whether you are promoted to a new grade, it is most likely that you will need these tips to start a diagnostic essay.

Topics of a diagnostic essay

A diagnostic essay is most of the times a personal narrative. This is the easiest way to start an essay. If you are blank and don’t know where to start from you can start by writing the word I on your paper. There can be a hundred words associated to it. For instance, I went, I saw, I sensed, I know this is going to be hard, I am wondering if you agree with me, I will be glad if etc. Choosing a topic for a personal narrative diagnostic essay is easy,

  1. How I spent my vacations?
  2. My favorite place to visit?
  3. When am I most productive and why?
  4. How I learned to be patient?
  5. Why am I successful/ unsuccessful?

Develop a thesis statement

After you have selected the topic of your personal essay, the next thing you need to do is develop a clear and concise thesis statement. No matter what type of essay you attempt, the format is going to stay the same. The traditional introduction, body, and conclusion format is followed for all essays. In the introduction of your essay, you have to include your thesis statement. This should encompass your whole essay and the experience you are going to write about. The ideal place to include a thesis statement is at the end of the introduction paragraph. A good thesis statement must be able, to show your reader what he will find next, the purpose of the essay and build curiosity.

What to Avoid in a diagnostic essay

  • To be able to write a good essay you need to avoid a few things.
  • Avoid the use of diffident phrases like it is my humble opinion that
  • Avoid the use of extraneous words like My purpose behind writing this essay
  • Never begin your essay with a dictionary definition of the topic