15 Unusual World War 2 Essay Topics

After The Great War of 1914, World War II was talked about extensively by historians and others alike. It was definitely a devastating war for many reasons:

  • Almost the whole world was involved in the massacre
  • It showed the power of making Alliances
  • A new war tactic employed by Germany was brought to the front through this war

There are many opposing opinions about this war and many papers have been written about this war as well. This article will list out of few of the essay topics chosen and discussed widely.


  1. Causes of World War II
  2. The biggest mistakes
  3. When did Adolf Hitler lose the war?
  4. Russia and World War II
  5. Battles and Operations: Kursk
  6. Operation Blitzkrieg
  7. German Secret Weapons
  8. Leaders of World War II
  9. Weimar Republic
  10. US Conditions during the second World War
  11. Admiral Karl Donitz and his achievements
  12. Battle of Britain
  13. Emancipation and War
  14. Factors Leading to the Onset of the second World War
  15. Post World War II Occupation of Japan


Some of the biggest topics are listed above that are widely discussed in today’s world, but they are unusual simply because they are so broad and there is so much to talk about. Mostly people tend to narrow it down when choosing an essay topic and they go along with it. This is because a narrow topic can lead to a healthy discussion whereas a broad topic can lead to lots of confusion.


That is definitely the question here. What I would suggest is that you look at the unusual topics and, if any of them interests you, you can go ahead and do more research on the topic. Pick a narrow field within that topic and focus on it. This way, your essay will be focused and you won’t be dealing with too much on your plate.

All in all, World War II was epic in its own way. It showed the people how mighty Germany can be as well as the strengths of many small nations. For this reason, this topic has been widely discussed and adored by historians. Many essay topics have come up, some more unusual than others, but it all comes down to how you deal with the topic itself. If you do love World War II history, do your research well and the essay will write itself