4 Useful Suggestions On How To Write A Narrative Essay Introduction

A narrative essay is a story written by you, a story about something that has happened to you and gave you a certain experience. That is why your main goal is to make the introduction of such an essay catchy and interesting for readers. Simultaneously, the paragraph is to introduce the main idea your essay is supposed to convey.

How should you write such an introduction?

  1. Do some brainstorming.
  2. Before you start writing your intro paragraph, you should collect as much information on the subject as you can. If you are speaking about your personal experience, collect everything that will help you reveal memories of the time and events you are describing. Try asking members of your family who have also witnessed the event about their personal emotions, memories, interesting facts related to the subject. Take notes on all the ideas that occur to you in the process of this brainstorming to pick out the most interesting facts for your intro.

  3. Start with a description of senses.
  4. It can be a very interesting way to start your narration if you give attention to the information given by your eyes, nose, tongue, ears and skin. Think carefully, which sensor details you can remember about the event. It can be the smell of smoke or a pine wood if you are speaking about your first hiking experience. It can be the color of your favorite shirt that you had in your childhood and the feeling it gave to your skin. Remember all your senses and use this information in the introductory part of your essay.

  5. Use a dialogue to begin.
  6. Starting your narration with a dialogue is a very effective way to begin your story. Of course, you don’t need to reproduce the dialogue that took place in the past word after word. You can just compose a relevant dialogue that sounds quite trustworthy and let your readers “hear” characters of your story. This method will attract their attention to your narration from the very start.

  7. Be precise but informative.
  8. The introductory part of your narrative essay should not be bigger than ten sentences, providing the entire narration occupies about two pages. Connect the introduction with the result of the experience. If you are speaking about your first hiking experience, say that the sound of birds chirping has become a sound of happiness for you. If you start with a dialogue, say that it was a beginning of the friendship of your life, etc.