10 controversial essay topics to write about

There are hundreds of essay topics to choose from that offer conflicting viewpoints from different angles. Many of these topics make interesting essays and they challenge personal writing skills including creativity and analytical thinking. Sometimes reviewing a list of controversial topics can be enough to inspire or spark an original idea for your own essay. The following topics are controversial in manner but offer unique options to think about beyond this point.

  1. Death penalty. Does it really matter how a person on death row should die? Is there really a difference between using the electric chair and lethal injection? Why does it take so long to complete the death penalty after someone is sentenced to death?

  2. Gun control. Why has gun violence increased in recent history? Or has it been this way and we are just now starting to take notice? What should happen to parents that have firearms in the house and they are discovered by their children? Should they be punished?

  3. Terrorism. Has the war of terrorism been justified and what more should be done to fight against terrorists?

  4. Voting rights. Why do some people want to prevent or hold back a person or country from exercising their right to vote? Should voting be mandatory? Should more areas use electronic ballets instead of paper form? Would this encourage more people to vote in political elections?

  5. Women’s rights. Are women really being treated fairly? Why should women have to prove over and over again they are capable of making more if not the same amount of money as their male counterparts?

  6. Animal rights. Do animals really need to be used for medical/laboratory testing? Have animals gained more rights over the years? What laws should be changed regarding animal cruelty?

  7. Abortion. Under what circumstances is an abortion okay? Should abortions be allowed up to or before a certain age?

  8. Education. Should parents be more responsible for what their children learn? Has homeschooling and online learning really made a difference for today’s kids?

  9. Bullying. Should students learn self-defense techniques when bullying escalates to fighting? What more can be done for students that are bullying others? Should teachers be able to do more for students being bullied?

  10. Religion. If God exists why do so many bad things happen? What is so fascinating about the Pope? Which religion is most practiced and why?