Bullying is the using of force, threats, abuse, intimidation and coercion in order to control other people. This action is considered habitual and recurrent. Bullying is becoming a major problem in the society of today. Bullies always consider themselves superior to others. Bullying is not only verbal, but also physical. Justifications for bullying behavior may be due to differences in race, social class, gender, size, strength and religion (Goldman, 2012). Either a group or individual can bully. This essay will focus on bullying and its effects on society and education.

Goldman informs that; bullying has grown to become one of the major problems amid the youth. Different factors lead to children growing as bullies; the children may have been brought up from families that have bullies. Advancement in technology has also led to bullying, for example, the youth bully each other through social media. There are reports of people especially youth committing suicide because of being bullied. Other reports are of the youth dropping out of school because of being constantly bullied by classmates or teachers. Bullying is a growing problem, and the higher authority should take action before it leads to more damage to the entire society.

Any person can be affected by bullying. These can be witnesses of bullying, victims of bullying, and bullies themselves. Many undesirable results are linked to bullying. These outcomes can be the use of drugs, depression, and suicide.It is crucial to talk to the youth and kids in order to determine if they are being bullied or are bullying others.

Kuykendall states that there are significant signs that a person can note on kids and youth who are being bullied; they develop apprehension and depression. Bullying leads to increased sadness, change in eating patterns, loneliness, and change in sleeping behavior. The victims also lose interest in doing things they enjoy. When society ignores the victims, the issues may continue into adulthood. Children and youth who are victims of bullying begin to have poor academic performance. Bullying leads to those bullied to drop in their regular test scores. Their participation in school decreases; leading to the likelihood of missing, skipping, or dropping out of school.

Conclusively, bullying is a major problem that affects the society of today. Bullying is a consistent behavior, which develops from a child at a younger age. This habit grows in the child as the child matures into adulthood. The effects of bullying are tremendous, and if the society ignores; it may lead to many problems. The elderly can guide children as they grow and instill discipline once they show signs of being bullies. Guiding children is essential because it aids in reducing the likelihood of children growing into bullies. This will also help in the stamping out of bullying that is a growing global menace.