How Do You Write A Five-Paragraph Essay: Key Points To Consider

Writing a five-paragraph essay can be daunting if you have no idea what to mention in each paragraph. If you can remember this type of assignment has three main parts including an introduction, body, and conclusion you will be fine. You can produce a paper with good content when you understand important aspects of your topic. Such information will make it easier to produce paragraphs to make up your paper. Here are a few points to consider for your assignment.

  • Your essay should have three points related to your main idea. For many 5-paragraph papers this means your first paragraph has your thesis statement or main idea, your second, third and fourth paragraphs have supporting points and your last paragraph is your conclusion. The body paragraphs (2, 3, and 4) each have one point it discusses to prove your argument. These details should be solid and concise.
  • Your introduction should include a hook and detailed background information about your topic. The hook gets readers interested in your content. Background information gives your topic a foundation for you to start building content. This also details your thesis statement which should be strong and detailed. This information sets the tone for your essay.
  • Your conclusion restates main and supporting points mentioned in your essay. The conclusion for the most simply summarizes details mentioned. As you write this portion of your essay think about reasons why readers should know this information. Add information that will close your topic effectively while leaving a lasting impression.
  • A topic of interest or something you know about well can make writing easier. Write about something you know or have good interest in. Don’t waste your time producing content on a topic that has little interest or you will find essay writing pretty frustrating. Make it easy on yourself and review possible ideas with your instructor if you can’t come up with something on your own.
  • Each paragraph will have different details but should flow and connect well as they are read. Each paragraph of your essay should lead readers from one point to another. There should be a logical connection that helps bring your concept together full circle. Be clear with details and be sure to review your work. Use words and sentences to help transition thoughts and ideas.