Searching For A Good Example Of A Problem Solution Essay

The problem solution essay is one that tries to solve a particular challenge by first understanding the situation, then providing a possible course of action that could lead to a resolution of the issue. While it seems straight forward, many things can hamper a person’s ability to accomplish this task.

There are many tools available to assist an author as they proceed through their different tasks and most of these are freely available for use by anyone. One very useful tool for just about every project type is the example, an example can provide you with a good outline to help you format you own paper, as well as give you ideas to help you piece together your story through investigation and analysis. The following are several useful places to check when searching for a good example of a problem solution essay:

  1. Online universities
  2. Online universities provide their students with the same materials as real world once since they tend to cover basically the same coursework. Visit any of these, it should be noted that there are free ones, browse the educational sections and you should be able to find your desired sample without too much trouble.

  3. Educational Literature websites
  4. There are many websites that contain information on just about every literary style and this information is free for public viewing. Along with guides and examples, you will find additional information on various aspects of writing which can prove useful.

  5. Online forums
  6. Many people use forums on a daily basis and most will testify that you can find answers to just about every problem via these websites. Register at a popular academic forum and request an example of a problem solution paper, you should be provided with one if there isn't one already posted.

  7. Private tutors
  8. Private tutors have access to all materials required by students and should be able to provide you with one with no trouble. Contact a private tutor and make arrangements to have them provide you with your desired example. Once it helped me to write my coursework, so it seems to be a good idea.

  9. Libraries
  10. Libraries contain information on just about every thing ever written about. Visit a library near you and ask the librarian if they happen to have a problem solution paper example.

  11. E Text books
  12. Text books contain information and guidelines on various subjects, often providing detailed explanations and guidelines on major topics. With an internet connection, you should be able to gain access to many electronic based texts book from which you could acquire your essay sample.