How To Get A Plagiarism Essay Checker For Free: Online Help

The action of taking another person’s ideas and presenting then as your original thoughts, ideas or concepts defines the very notion of plagiarism. There is an ever increasing educational concern about plagiarism in this digital age. Due to this reason, students’ papers are increasingly being subjected to plagiarism checks, and students are realizing the importance of having a plagiarism checker. As a result, most students are trying to find ways on how to get a plagiarism essay checker for free. Surprisingly, online help has made it easy to find such software.

Search the Internet

The internet is very resourceful when it comes to finding anti-plagiarism software. Conducting a simple search on the internet will reveal numerous websites that offer different types of anti-plagiarism software for free. The programs are designed to detect and prevent plagiarism, and the goal of each of these programs is to help in reducing the effects of plagiarism on education. The programs also allow users to check documents in different formats including, *.doc, *rtf, and *pdf among others.

Sign-up with Websites Offering Academic Writing Services

Another option for students trying to find out how to get a plagiarism essay checker for free is to create an account with one of the websites that offer academic writing services. These websites are usually in the business of preparing assignments for students. As a result, they provide their registered writers with free access to anti-plagiarism software to ensure the assignments uploaded by the writers are plagiarism free. You can sign-up as a writer with such programs for free and you will be provided with a username and password to anti-plagiarism software.

Request Senior College Students

The other alternative you can explore on how to get a plagiarism essay checker for free is to request senior college students for help. Most senior college students have access to software for detecting and preventing software because of the serious nature of the type of assignments they are required to submit. You can begin by identifying an approachable senior student and make friends with him/her. In most cases, they will be willing to help by referring you to websites that offer anti-plagiarism software for free.


Teachers can be very resourceful when trying to find ways on how to get a plagiarism essay checker for free. Most colleges provide their teachers with these programs. A teacher will be glad to help any student avoid plagiarism, and most teachers will not hesitate to give a student access to such software. Alternatively, teachers are very informed about where to find such programs on the internet, and they will gladly refer you to several websites where you can get free anti-plagiarism software.