Inspiration for Finding A Good Persuasive Essay Topic

When it comes to writing a persuasive essay it is very important to be aware of the procedure in which it should be written. Basically, the essay is divided in five paragraph structure. Beginning with the introduction, it leads to the thesis statement by the author. All the alternate points that are in disagreement to the author’s opinion are dispersed in the body which follows after the thesis statement. Here, valid data is presented in support of the author’s arguments. The essay’s final paragraph concludes it while presenting a summary of the complete essay. But, before writing the essay, the author has to select a topic.

Selecting a good topic isn’t a child’s play. There are several questions that need to be asked before deciding on a topic. 4 such questions are listed below-

  1. What is the whole idea of writing a persuasive essay?

    A persuasive essay for a writer should be that which aims to state a point of view on a specific topic. There should be enough data in support of the viewpoint stated such as earlier study, evidences etc. This needs to be kept in mind when selecting the topic

  2. Whether you can possibly be inspired from life?

    There are various personal instances that you might have faced in life and it moved you. There might be some laws, reforms or policies that you feel needs to be updated for the betterment of the entire humanity. If there are some restrictions which you feel should be uplifted and changed to make the society a better and safer place to live for everyone. These can be a true real life inspiration for choosing a topic

  3. Is the topic chosen appropriate for your age?

    There are many times that the topic isn’t suitable as far as the age of the author goes. At times, a college persuasive essay is written on a topic which is suitable for a high school student. Parenting, censorship and politics are some topics that suit a college student. For a high school student, violence in cinema, unhealthy eating habits etc. are great choices

  4. What are the current hot topics?

    For an interesting persuasive essay, it is very significant to select a topic which is popular. No reader will be interested to read a persuasive essay written on a repetitive or back-dated topic.

    Remember these questions and your persuasive essay will be a great one.