Outstanding Ideas For Completing Your IB Extended Essay

The International Baccalaureate program requires an extended essay that essentially provides students a chance to conduct original and independent research on an interesting topic of their choosing. The only limitation is that the topic needs to be within a subject taught at the school since it requires a topic supervisor.

An interest in the topic should then motivate you to write an extended essay without problem. Here is a list of 10 outstanding ideas for writing your IB extended essay:

  • The social pressures for planning funerals and their high costs. Funeral costs continue to rise, putting more economic stress on families that feel pressured to plan a funeral for loved ones.
  • Problems and solutions that arise from oversea adoption of children. There are many moral questions that arise during discussions of international adoption of children and whether this is a practice that raises more problems than solutions.
  • The possible negative effects of violent toys and videogames on kids. Many studies show that violent toys and video games do not have negative effects on kids, but violence in schools continue to rise.
  • How increasing or eliminating speed limits on highways can be traffic solution. It’s believed that increasing or eliminating speed limits will reduce traffic and make highways safer.
  • The benefits of a state lottery and how it exploits the poor. State lotteries are set up to help pay for things like education and health but it’s usually the poor that spend hundreds each year without making a dime.
  • The best solutions to prevent students from dropping out of high school. A discussion on the best programs to prevent students from dropping out of high school and promoting instead further academic study.
  • How making contraceptives available in secondary schools can be valuable. With proper sex education, making contraceptives available in secondary school can be an extremely valuable way of preventing teen pregnancy and subsequent dropout.
  • Reasons why firearms should or shouldn’t be registered with the police. If police knew which people possessed fire arms then they could respond to and even prevent crime more effectively, but it also violates a right to privacy.
  • The disappearing middle class in the U.S. and its effect on the economy. As the gap widens between the upper and the lower class, the disappearing middle class puts a burden on the national economy.
  • Reasons why HIV positive patients should identify themselves to others. When people are forward with their STDs less people are bound to become infected.