In Search Of A Comparative Essay Introduction Example

Comparative essay introduction outlines the main points to be discussed in body. In tailoring the main argument or thesis statement, one must think of the "angle" or the means of presenting the most outstanding information/issue. By addressing the “what,” “why,” and “how”, the introduction must provide a good background about the subjects/items being compared. A comparative essay can require comparing of two events, places, theories, positions about debatable issues, or just art works. One will be required to provide details of similarities and differences. The thesis is developed based on whether the similarities outweigh the differences. It highlights both the similarities and differences, but lays emphasis on which outweighs the other. Consider this: “Although American and Chinese economies have both undergone depression, Chinese economy was more versatile during such depressions than the American economy”  

Write a clear introduction

Writing a good introduction can make it easy to write the rest of the sections, which could improve the speed of writing. Highlighting your main arguments in the introduction eliminates the likelihood of wandering away from the topic when writing other parts. At the end of the comparative essay, the reader should have gotten adequate information on each subject and which is the better of the two. Wandering away from the topic reduces this possibility, especially considering that every essay write up carry a limited length, and thus students who wander away from the topic score lower grades.

A comparative essay introduction example helps one to gain insight on how to make the introduction interesting. How interesting an introduction is depends on how information is presented, but more importantly, the type/nature of information presented. The latter is influenced by topic selection. For instance, a comparative essay that discusses two areas the public is much interested in currently can prove helpful.

Discuss a topic that draws debate

Whether it is in political studies, business or medical studies, there are many issues that are popular with the public because those issues affect their day to day lives. Discussing those issues draws attention to your debate. In addition, rather than presenting basic information that people already know, make them aware of new ideas about the subjects or characteristics of the subjects that are being compared. Providing vivid descriptions while comparing the subjects/objects can also leave more impacts to readers.

Expound on your main points

Writing an introduction also requires being clear about the main points. Confusion can occur if the thesis statement focuses on too many issues about the subjects being compared. It can also occur if the student/writer does not have a good grasp of issues or subjects to be discussed. Consider discussing a topic you are knowledgeable about or doing further research to gather knowledge about new topics/subjects before writing an introduction. If you are comparing places, more impact can be made by visiting them if they are within reach.