The difference between high school and college essays

High school and college essays share a few differences when it comes to content creation. For the most part there may not be too much of a difference with topic selection, but when required to research and write your topic, the content may be different in how concepts are presented. In college you are expected to produce written content that shows a level of deeper understanding about the topic. Content quality is likely to be higher in college than high school, since many high school students are just being introduced to essay writing content of complexity.

Writing Skills Have Higher Expectations in College than High School

High school students may not take essay writing as serious as college students. While assignments in both academic levels are important, in many cases, high school essays may only challenge student writing abilities to a certain extent. In college, you are expected to have a higher level of understanding when it comes to various topics. You may need to provide further details about your main point or argument while ensuring your essay is credible and interesting to the reader.

Essay Topics in College May Require Content to be More Complex

In writing your essay in high school, you may end up presenting basic information about a topic either by personal experience or knowledge with limited research. Some students feel they can get away with presenting details about their topic without being thorough. In college things are a little different. You may need to use additional resources to provide more information about your topic. In doing so, you may be required to outline a certain number of points throughout the essay. Your introduction and conclusion may require more solid information to help bring the entire essay together.

College Essays May Take More Time to Complete Than High School Essays

College essays can take longer to complete, even if they are one page in length. High school instructors and college professors will have expectations for their students that will vary. The more time you put into completing your essay, the more likely you will produce what is expected of you. College essays may touch on subject matter that has yet to be reviewed in high school, depending on career field and interests. To get a better idea on their differences you may want to review written essays by high school and college students for further comparison.