How To Compose An Outstanding Persuasive Essay On Vegetarianism?

What is a persuasive essay?

A persuasive essay is a piece of academic writing that tests the writer’s skill of persuasion. If you are given vegetarianism as a topic, then you have to take a stand for or against of this theme. Not only throughout the essay body you should demonstrate- why vegetarianism is good/bad for health, but you also need to point out the flaws that the opposite view holds.

Five tips to compose an outstanding persuasive essay

  • Invest your effort in pre-writing stage
  • Persuasive articles need lots of ground-work. Your perspective is not enough; you have to back it up with solid data, facts and evidences. The best way to do the groundwork is to go through various scholarly journals and books regarding vegetarianism in your library. Also internet can be a great source.

  • Know your reader-base
  • Even if you are given the topic as part of a class curriculum, you need to figure out your audience first. Are you planning to advocate vegetarianism to the corporate professionals who are into high-pressure jobs and eating meat can bring in health adversities for them? Or are you speaking against the hoopla around vegetarianism created by various animals-relief societies? Assuming your audience will give a flow in your writing.

  • Create a structure
  • If the standard structure is given to you, then there is no point in further researching about it. But if the instructor wants the students to pick it up by themselves, then you have to prepare it. A persuasive article generally has – an introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs, counter-argument paragraph and conclusion. If there is a world-limit, then you need to figure out how many words to allot for each paragraph. But it goes without saying that the body paragraphs should contain maximum number of words.

  • Write carefully
  • The introduction should contain catchy tone that must hook the readers from the very first line. You should start it off with a surprising fact, data or quotation about vegetarianism. The thesis statement must bolster your stand. Each body paragraph must state different points, backed up by strong data, analogy, example and hypothesis. The opposite view paragraph should demonstrate why this is so lame. The conclusion has to be thought-provoking and should include-recommendations/ question/ prediction or plea.

  • Revision and editing are the keys
  • Lastly you need to revise your article for multiple times and edit it accordingly. You need to check out first- whether the points are strong and flaunt strong evidences or not. Grammatical error, incorrect spelling and jargons can also mar your article.