How To Write A Strong Conclusion For A Persuasive Essay On Tom Sawyer 

Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain is included into many official syllabi, and writing assignments on the basis of this book are very popular in schools. Persuasive essays are not an exception. There are so many controversial issues in the novel, that you’ll have no difficulty finding a problem that can effectively be argued for or against in your paper. In the introduction of your paper you are supposed to present your position on the issue. The body paragraphs of your essay should support your thesis statement through relevant evidence, and your conclusion is a final point targeted at closing the issue and leaving a lasting convincing impression on your reader.

A good persuasive essay conclusion should sum up everything that has been said before. It should necessarily restate your thesis statement in different words and briefly mention the aforementioned key arguments supporting your thesis. The conclusion ending may differ, and it will depend on how you are going to appeal to your reader. It is possible to end your conclusion for your persuasive essay on Tom Sawyer in several different ways. Look through the following options and make your choice:

  • Ask a question.
  • By simply asking a question in the last sentence of your paper, you make people think on the issue that you previously discussed. For example, let’s imagine that your persuasive essay is aimed at convincing your reader that the childhood depicted in Adventures of Tom Sawyer is dangerous, negligent, and psychologically harmful for young boys and girls. You may make your conclusion stronger by asking the following question: “Isn’t it obvious that a lack of attention to children’s needs may lead to disastrous results?”

  • Provide a challenge.
  • The aim of this method is not only to make readers think, but in pushing them towards some action. Supposing that you support Tom Sawyer’s childhood in your persuasive essay, and provide enough arguments proving how truly useful and positive such life experience is. In your final sentences, suggest to readers to give freedom to their kids and allow them to take their own decisions.

  • Draw a picture.
  • To support your positive views on Tom Sawyer and his lifestyle, draw a clear picture in words demonstrating what will happen if modern children leave their computers and video games behind and start living active lives.

These methods are not the only possible ways to conclude your persuasive essay on The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Use your imagination, believe in what you say, and your paper will definitely touch your reader in the raw.