A Step-By-Step Guide To Composing A 3-Paragraph Essay About Life

A three paragraph essay about life might appear as the easiest assignment until you get down to writing. It is more demanding because you are required to compress all the ideas and make a convincing argument in only three paragraphs. The length does not mean that you will research any less. The specifications of such an essay mean that you have to adopt a different approach.

  • Choose a Central Idea
  • The topic ‘life’ presents numerous ideas on what you can write about. People in the same class and living in the same neighborhood are likely to have similar encounters. To ensure that your paper stands out, you should choose an experience that is unique. Choose an experience that happened while you were not in company of any member of your class. This will prevent any of your classmates from sharing a similar experience thus making yours unique.

  • Identify the Important Aspects of What You Want to Share
  • Each event, experience or point of view is defined by particular aspects. For example, your experience at the finals of a competition could be defined by the routine of preparation, tension before the game, the actual context and the celebrations upon victory. The issue you want to share about life is also defined by certain aspects. Write them down and identify a sequence or order. It is at this state that you also are required to create an outline. The length of your essay demands meticulous planning so that each sentence or word has a meaning.

  • Fill in the Text
  • All the ideas identified during planning should be converted into sentences. The sentences must contain very selective words since there is a very firm restriction on length. Each word, phrase or sentence must have meaning and be chosen for a specific reason. This helps you avoid unnecessary words and sentences or a scenario where you omit important points because you lack space. Limit the number of examples and quotations without losing the meaning.

  • Edit
  • If you think that your essay is done, edit it. Check errors in both content and form. Content refers to issues of faulty arguments while form focuses on grammar and spelling, among other aspects. Revise the essay to ensure that there is a logical flow of ideas. You may request a friend, colleague or family member to go through it before preparing the final copy. Make adjustments where necessary.

When writing an essay about life, remember that it is all about you. Make it as interesting and unique as possible. With a limitation of three paragraphs, you will have to be very selective with words.

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