Personal statement writing guide: you should have your own style

Your own style is what sets you apart from others. Your personal statement should stand out with unique content about who you are and what others should know about you. Writing a personal statement is an important task that allows you to present your best qualities in a sophisticated manner with the help of quality writing skills. This means you should understand what is expected of you when creating your statement and why you should have your own style to begin with.

What Makes You Different?

Think about qualities you like about yourself and characteristics that make you different from other applicants. Why should the school consider you and what do you bring to the table? You should keep in mind you are competing for a spot against other applicants. Your statement may get attention for only a few moments from the reviewer and you need to grab their attention during this short time span. Think about the school and core values behind the establishment.

What Do You Expect to Get Out of Your Chosen Career Field?

vYour personal statement may reflect what you hope to achieve with your career goals. It is one thing to know where you should go to get the training and education you need to be your best. But, you should also keep in mind what you hope to get from the experience. These aspects can help put your personal statement into perspective as you work toward accomplishing your goals and how the school of choice will help you succeed. You need to go beyond the point of wanting to be successful in your career field. Of course many students want to be successful, but why is this important to you?

Who Has Helped You Get to Where You Are Now?

One aspect of a personal statement that makes it indeed personal is other people who have influenced you. What people have made an impact on you and your choices in life? Can you give credit to someone who has helped you get to this point? Maybe someone you know or someone you have never met has influenced your career path. Think about who these individuals are and in what capacity have they helped you. They can be anyone from family members, childhood friends, school teachers, or someone famous who has gone through personal struggles of their own.