Coming Up With Great Expository Essay Topics For High School Students

If you are drawing a blank when your teacher hands out an assignment paper calling for an expository essay, don't panic. Better known as an explanatory essay, the point of the paper is to report on a situation or event, or present the view of other people. Using the information obtained from other sources it takes a subject and explains it in detail so it is not as difficult for the reader to understand. The subject of the essay is analyzed without any argument or criticism.

Key points of an expository essay

  • The introductory paragraph is where it is made clear what topic is going to be explained or analyzed.
  • Each paragraph in the body has a separate supporting topic and transitions smoothly from one to the next.
  • Every sentence relates directly back to the topic of the paragraph.
  • The conclusion is used as a meaningful way to reinforce the position stated in the introduction.

Great topics for high school students

Since it can be difficult to come up with a topic for any type of essay, here is a list to give you some ideas and inspiration:

  • What is happening to the world's bees and why does it seem that they are heading towards extinction?
  • Plastic bags are meant to be used one time only and they create a huge strain on the environment. Should they be banned?
  • Rainforest deforestation is resulting in the loss of approximately 50,000 species annually. What can be done?
  • A large number of people still do not recycle many materials. Can they be forced? Should it become law?
  • If there was only one memory from your life so far that you would be able to keep, what would it be, and why?
  • Are you related to someone who is famous?
  • Most students have lost someone close to them. What was the experience like for you?
  • With the rapid advances in technology, how far away is the "futuristic" society going to be?
  • Is there a need for athletes in high school to be tested for drugs the same way they are at the college and professional levels?
  • Would stealing be justified if it was the last resort to saving someone's life?
  • Jokes are told in all types of situations. What should be done when they turn towards racial issues?
  • Is it ever okay to tell an outright lie?