The Right Way of Writing an Academic Essay

Now when the title of this article mentions the right way of writing an academic essay, the assumption then is that there is a wrong way. In fact you could probably say there are many wrong ways or many wrong steps you can take in writing an essay. But if you concentrate on the basics, on the things which have been used for generations and proven to work and to work well, you are on a winner.

Here are some fundamental steps all of which are part of the right way of writing an academic essay.

  • Choosing the right topic.
  • Carrying out the relevant and sufficient research.
  • Knowing how to brainstorm a topic.
  • Knowing the requirements of a particular essay.
  • Always, always have a plan.
  • Sticking to the topic or answering the question.

The choice of topic is vital. Don't be in a hurry. Always ask your teacher or professor for advice and be prepared to change if necessary. The more you like the topic or have an interest in it, the better it will be.

Even if you do have a passionate interest or prior knowledge in the subject, writing off the top of your head is never recommended. You must know where to find reliable and relevant research material and be able to study efficiently taking notes where necessary. You’ll get plenty of ideas if you know how to brainstorm a topic. Doing it by yourself is fine but doing it with someone else is better.

How many words are required in your essay? Is there a particular format you need to follow? It is vital that you know the requirements of this particular academic essay. The format may require things such as margin width, citing of references and fonts and line spacing. Know all that is required and stick to it.

Having a plan or an outline before you start to write is vital. Make your plan as detailed as possible so when the actual writing begins you can see where you're going by glancing at your plan.

Never make the mistake of avoiding the topic. Some of the best essays ever written have received a low score because they didn't answer the question being asked or didn't stick to the topic. And finally proofreading and obtaining relevant feedback are important, some would say essential tools in finding the right way to write an academic essay.