A List of Argument Essay Topics on Poetry

There are many situations where you will be required to write an essay on poetry:

  • Exam situation essays
  • Classroom work assigned by your teacher
  • Homework assignments

It sometimes can get difficult looking for the right essay to work on, especially if you have no prompt. This article will list out a few essays that may look good to you and you may choose to work on them if you want to.


This is the most famous type of essay topic you will be given. The topic might be specific enough and focus on two characters, or it can be broad enough and give you the choice to focus on any two things. It is the one that gives you the most marks but it is also the one that will take the most time to write.


This is also a famous choice for teachers because it is about one character, his traits and how he affects the story. This is also a relatively difficult topic to write on but it can get worse if you haven’t read the poem itself. Make sure that if you are planning to write on a character on the poem, you have read the poem many times because there’s very little you can get out of a poem when compared to a book.


The effect of one theme on the course of the poem is an easier topic to discuss in a poem. The whole poem (or most of it) can be used as your reference since the theme should be visible throughout the poem. You should have a good analysis of the poem in order to work on this topic and it is very hard to score on this.


It is possible to pick out other works written by the same poet and compare the two poems to bring out something spectacular. This topic is very difficult and is normally outside the scope of the classes. For this reason, the teachers are very willing to give out marks because it shows that you went out of your way to get more information.

The essay you choose to write is totally dependent on how much work you are willing to do to get your grade. Normally, people go for the easier topics simply because they don’t wish to make an effort. Give a chance to the harder topics and you will be surprised at how far you can go.