Expert Tips to Help Make Your Essay Look Better

The best way to polish up your essay is to employ these tips:

  • Clear introduction
  • Organization
  • Fancy trimmings

Clear introduction

Have a clearly written introduction. The introduction is the first part that is read of your essay so it needs to be dressed up as good as a bride’s maid at a wedding. When you see the bride’s maid you know you are seeing the beginning of the wedding train, and that each part has been arranged so that what you see only keeps getting better. Therefore in the introduction of your essay you should make clear your intentions for the rest of your essay, your objectives and thesis statement should be easy enough to understand.


Like a wedding party, an essay must be organized. Dysfunctional wedding parties lead to catastrophes and your essay will fall to a similar state of ruin if not properly organized. When the bride’s wedding party walks down the aisle they are arranged from best to even better, the wedding guests’ seeing the procession unfold until its satisfying conclusion. That is how your essay should progress. Your introduction with a brief outline of how your essay will be, then the body of your arguments all neatly arranged and the paragraphs linking to one another but also able to stand alone. Then your conclusion, where you must make sure not to leave any point left unwrapped.  

Fancy trimmings

Even a wedding has fancy trimmings. Your essay can be fancied up like a bride’s gown by a few things. Elegant language is one tool to make your essay look better. You can substitute two to three words for one longer word that gets across the same meaning and also raises the sign of your intellect amongst your peers and professors. Do not go for obscure words that will require looking up by your readers in order for them to be understood but find a fancy way to say what you are saying without going overboard. Even a bride can get too carried away if she does not keep herself in check. Some students will do a cover page for their paper, this is unnecessary but it can be done, as a sort of fancy detail to your essay. These cover pages are more likely to be used for longer essays for more than five pages and can add quite an unique touch to your paper.