10 Brand New Informative Essay Topics for College

Choosing an interesting topic for an informative essay will not only make the process of writing more exciting, but will also help you make a positive impression on your professors. It’s easier said than done though, as finding an original topic can be extremely difficult.

Here are ten essay topic ideas that can inspire you:

  1. Understanding the principles of Nazism.
  2. This topic will require a good deal of research. You will need to explain the main ideas behind this philosophy and try to analyze the reasons that allowed Nazism to gain so many followers. Try to remain unbiased and present the topic from an objective point of view.

  3. The life and influence of Oprah Winfrey.
  4. This type of essay will be a biography, so you should start with Oprah’s early years and relate her achievements chronologically. Adding a few exciting details and stories that help to get a glimpse of her personality will make the essay more interesting.

  5. The history of baseball.
  6. Telling people more about their favorite game will always bring you some extra points. Do some thorough research to uncover a few less-known facts.

  7. How to make the right investments.
  8. Business is a difficult subject to write about. This essay must be very sharp and to the point. Use only reliable sources when working on it.

  9. A guide to effective advertising techniques.
  10. This essay must be written in clear language that every person should be able to understand. Avoid using too many terms and jargon.

  11. Tornadoes: Causes and consequences.
  12. Present this topic in a way that will make reading the essay interesting to a person who doesn’t specialize in studying weather phenomena. You will need to research both the scientific reasons that cause tornadoes and the socio-economic changes these natural disasters have caused over the years.

  13. Tips for safe online shopping.
  14. This essay can be extremely useful. Be sure to offer several proven real-life stories to illustrate some of the points you will be making.

  15. Plastic bags: How much harm do they really cause?
  16. This topic should address the problem of environmental pollution. Do not forget to suggest several alternatives to plastic bags as well as a method to effectively reduce the amount of damage they’ve caused.

  17. The future of chiropractic.
  18. This essay should explain main chiropractic techniques and ideas. You will also need to try predicting whether this type of treatment can become more popular in the future.

  19. The possibility of time travel.
  20. This topic gives you plenty of opportunities. You can explore the science fiction, the paradoxes of time travel or give a detailed report of the experiments conducted in this field.