Persuasive Essay Topics That Won't Make Your Teacher Bored

If you are in need of good topics for your next persuasive paper then look over the following. Remember though that these topics are only meant as suggestions and should not be expounded upon and narrowed to fit the confines of your particular project:

  • You can craft an essay on gun ownership
  • You might write a paper on Roe. V. Wade
  • You might write a paper on animal rights
  • You can draft a paper focusing on the legality or illegality of the Patriot Act
  • You can write an essay on police brutality
  • You can write a paper on the three strikes law

These topics are new and exciting and won’t make your teacher bored. What WILL make your teacher bored is a bad presentation of your argument or your topic. You can make any topic a great topic so long as you write well.

After you have selected your topic and narrowed it down to fit your assignment details you should make sure you adhere to the following writing tips:

Where You Work on Your Essay

Where you work on your essay is important for the success of your work. Take a moment to consider where you most often sit down to work on your essay. So you sit in front of the television while trying to watch your favorite show? Do you sit at the kitchen table where your siblings are fighting right in front of you and your parents are loudly cooking?

When you were a child these places may have been best suited for you because they made it easier for you to ask questions and your assignments did not require the same amount of concentration and skill as they do now. But as you get older it is important that you find another space where you can remove yourself from noises and distractions. You should look for some place unique to work on your essay and do essay. This does not have to be your bed; in fact your bed should be avoided because it will make it challenging for you to focus and will later make it challenging for you to sleep. Instead you should opt for a table where you can spread out your computer and notebooks or a desk that is comfortable for working. Your work space does not have to be large but it should be large enough that you can spread out your essay materials.