The Scarlet Letter Essay Topics That Can Make Your Paper Stand Out

If you want your paper to stand out then use the following essay topics so you can have the best assignment amongst you peers.

  1. How would you describe femininity and revenge in the scarlet letter? Would you consider Hester as a strong female character? Do you think there was higher emphasis on being a feminist novel? Also, describe your own definition about what you think feminist is before you proceed further with your argument.

  2. In this letter, the children were shown to have more perspective when compared with the elder. Describe the various roles the children play in this novel. Elaborate on how they can be both a blessing and a curse. How would you explain Pearl serving as Hester’s conscience? Also, explain how children vary in their potential for expressing perception when compared with adults.

  3. How would you explain the relationship of Hester’s identity with the scarlet letter? Why do you think that Hester continuously wears the letter and refuses to let it go? How is she able to use the letter to create an identity for herself and describe the difference between the identities se made for her with the identity that the society has assigned to her.

  4. Can this novel be considered as a psychological novel? Fully focus on 2 characters psychological nature.

  5. Explain the significance of the scene of the three scaffolds

  6. Bring to light the conflict between the puritan law and the laws of nature?

  7. Describe the role of religion in this novel. Explain how revenge would change Chilling worth?

  8. In your opinion, do you think that the community would accept Hester or does it tolerate it?

  9. How would you consider the Scarlet letter as a commentary about the American history? Write this in detail; also mention how Hawthorne’s presentation of Europe comes in the commentary?

  10. There is an extensive use of symbols in the novel. Elaborate on the difference between the Puritan’s use of symbols and how the narrator uses those symbols. Do these symbols have religious implications? How do they help the character in understanding their lives and how do they help the readers in understanding the book?

  11. What is the physical setting of the scarlet letter? Emphasize on the relationship that is in between the books event and in the location in which all these events took place