Should Same-Sex Couple Be Allowed to Marry? ~ Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage

The age-old question of, "will you marry me?" has never been more controversial than in the last decade. Couples joins together in Holy matrimony for the sake of many things; love, money, pregnancy, convenience and in some cultures the pre-arrangement. Despite the reasons behind the marriage, the union between a man and a woman is, for the most part, socially acceptable. However, with the rise of same-sex couples coming to the forefront, the boundaries of marriage are being questioned and redefined.

For many religious groups the marriage of two women or two men are not acceptable. This falls back to biblical times and most likely will never change in the minds of those who follow the bible's precepts. For other people, cultures and groups, there will always be arguments both for and against same-sex marriages. Science has told us that homosexualaity is not a choice, but rather something the person is born with, so with thought in mind, should the person be denied the right to marry?

In light of many people "coming out of the closet" if you will, the government has been forced to take another look at the laws and legislations in regards to marriage. Many countries (sixteen, in fact) have legalized the marriage between two men or two women. Some parts of the United States and Mexico are still on the fence about same-sex marriage, but the laws will be looked at across the board and we may see a change in those regulations very soon.

Another question that arises in many people who are against same-sex marriage is the outcome of raising children. Obviously same-sex genders cannot biologically reproduce (yet) so what happens when adopting a child (especially of the opposite gender)? Can these children grow up to be "normal?" Will they have the role models they need to be socially and psychologically sound?

With the rise our technology, scientists are now working on manipulating stem cells to enable them to produce sperm (with some success) and also eggs. This would give the same-sex couple the opportunity to create a biological child together. Although this technology is far off, it will bring to light a whole new set of concerns and questions. Are we going too far in playing God? What about the failed attempts and the fetuses that will inevitably be caught in the crossfire?

Legalizing same-sex marriage is an issue that is being addressed and for the most part is happening all over the world. However, what other outcomes it leads to is yet to be determined...