Essay hints: use counter-arguments to your advantage

The use of counter arguments involve stating an opinion or remark that is contrary to one’s opinion expressed in the essay. Counter-arguments are used to express the view of the opposite party. It is a good way of making the essay more captivating the reader. Counter -arguments should have the following characteristics for their validity to be considered:

  • They should be realistic
  • Counter- arguments may be useful in captivating a reader but they also need to be realistic. The counter-argument should address matters that actually exist hence if the matter being addressed does not make sense; the counter-argument loses its purpose in the essay creating room for a lot of error and complexity.

  • They should be backed by facts
  • Counter-arguments should be supported by facts. Just as the writer’s arguments have facts, any counter-arguments presented should have valid evidence to support the claims made in order to consider them credible. This will determine whether the writer’s arguments are debatable or not. If the counter-arguments are based on assumptions, these assumptions do not form a strong basis for it.

  • They should be objective
  • The counter-arguments should focus on the subject matter and the arguments presented. Any other concepts of remarks will be considered irrelevant and inappropriate because these counter-arguments are meant to oppose the arguments provided. Any other subject is unnecessary and such actions risk throwing writers off-topic making their essays lose relevance which would ruin the entire essay.

  • Should be unbiased
  • The counter-arguments may be meant to oppose the arguments but they should not favour a particular party. It is important to maintain a high level of neutrality to avoid coming off as biased. The counter-arguments should not favour particular cultures, religions or communities instead it should simple provide information that contradicts any information presented in the arguments.

  • They should have valid reason for objecting the subject matter
  • The counter-arguments should have valid reasons for opposing the arguments made by the writer. They may have facts that describe them but their reasons for opposing the arguments should be present and honest.

Counter-arguments have the following advantages:

  • They make an essay more attractive
  • The contribute to the content of the essay
  • They make the essay more objective
  • They maintain a stable level of neutrality in the essay
  • They validate the subject matter of an essay
  • They make an essay unique