Pop Culture

For something to be considered pop culture is has to reach the masses, influence the way that we act, dress, and think, have an economically impact on the media, and have an influence of the content that we find on our media. Pop culture can be found in many forms of media such as TV, movies, comics, music, books, sports, and of course the Internet. Because of the rise of the Internet and other forms of media, it has even changed who our kids look up to these days. Before kids would look up to people like Neil Armstrong, Martin Luther King, and other famous historical figures that have done real things to change society.

Now kids look up to fictional characters like Superman, Batman, Harry Potter, and so on. And because of the mass media kids are also looking up to more sports stars that they see on TV and the cover of magazines. We are all influenced by what we see in magazines, TV, and other forms of media, which influences what we consider to be pop culture. If you go online, you can find websites full of pop culture references from every year since the early 1900s. When most people look back on these years, they start to remember and become nostalgic about what they use to like, which is what pop culture does to a person.

Pop cultures have evolved over the years and they way that we can view it and get it as well. Take for example the way that we get music now. If you wanted to listen to music in the earlier days, you had to listen to it on the radio or buy a vinyl record to listen to it. It wasn’t until the 60s when the first when the 8 track tape was born, which could be used in cars but the tape didn’t last very long and around the same time the audio cassette was produced.

It wasn’t until the 80s when the first compact disc was created that people could finally listen to their music without it wearing out. But now today, most people don’t even buy CDs now because you can buy all of your music online without leaving your home. Pop culture is always evolving with things like technology and as long as people will by stuff, the corporations and media will sell them whatever they want.