How to write a strong introduction for your essay

A strong introduction is what hooks readers into reading your entire essay from start to finish. Some students consider this part of the essay the most challenging part of the writing process. A thesis statement is usually completed and included in this part of the essay. Your introduction is roughly a paragraph in length, or about 4 to 5 sentences. It provides clear details about the topic while introducing it to readers. You should know what information to include without giving too much information at the same time.

What is the Scope or Main Idea of the Essay?

Once you have taken time to think about your topic you should consider information that will help define the scope or reason behind it. This may end up being your thesis statement or main idea for the essay. Information included in the introduction should reflect your main idea or argument. In some cases you may need to consider the type of essay you are writing to help you form your introduction paragraph.

What Details Should Readers Know about Your Topic First Hand?

Think about your topic and information readers should know that may help hook them into reading further. The introduction plays a huge role in introducing the topic to the reader. You can consider mentioning a fact, statistic, or other valuable information that you want readers to know. Some may think the introduction would benefit from having a strong opening sentence. Your fact or statistic could start your paragraph and help you introduce your topic or thesis. Understanding how each piece fits together can help you get some notes together on what you should mention and how to organize it.

Write Your Draft, Rewrite and Revise to Make It Concise and Clear

After you have an idea of what information you should mention, you should consider logic presentation and overall structure. These components also make a difference in how your introduction is received by the reader. You want to present details that standout while providing enough to make readers want to learn more. It is important to try and not present too much information as a reader would have no need to read further if they have a basic idea of what the essay is about. It helps to present details that are unique and different; even consider something readers may not expect.