A List Of Good Descriptive Essay Topics For 7th Grade Students

When you write a descriptive essay, your main task is to create a vivid picture in front of readers’ eyes. If you are describing a situation, your description should make your readers feel compassionate. If you are describing a phenomenon, your readers should be able to see it with their inner eyes. When you are writing a descriptive essay, you are free to speak about whatever your five senses tell you. Describe what you see, hear, or smell, how it tastes and what you can feel with your skin. The more details you add, the more persuasive your descriptive essay will be. Here are several topic ideas that can be interesting for 7th grade students.

  1. Describe a hazy summer morning at the moment when the sun rises in an apple orchard.
  2. Describe your favorite cartoon or movie hero or character.
  3. Speak about the most beautiful place you have ever been to.
  4. Speak about how the most terrifying place on the planet might look.
  5. Describe a person or a personality you admire.
  6. Speak about the place you consider the best for summer vacations.
  7. Describe how people celebrate the New Year in Italy (or any other country).
  8. Speak about the most amazing and interesting thing that you have ever seen in a museum.
  9. Describe the most beautiful and comfortable house you would like to live in.
  10. Describe your most beloved time of the year and why it’s beautiful.
  11. Speak about your first day at school.
  12. Describe your vision of an ideal day at school.
  13. Describe the most delicious meal that you have ever tasted.
  14. Describe the feelings you have when you jump from a tall spot.
  15. Describe what your community was like when you were a child.
  16. Speak about an ideal fellow student who would motivate you to study better together.
  17. Describe how human activities negatively impact nature and wildlife.
  18. Describe the worst day you’ve ever had in your life.
  19. Speak about an ideal place that is suited for doing homework effectively and quickly.
  20. Describe your feelings when you started learning a foreign language.
  21. Describe the best place for camping.
  22. Speak about the best career for you.
  23. Describe the happiest life you can imagine.
  24. Describe what you feel holding a puppy in your hands.
  25. Describe your feelings when you first taste an exotic fruit.