How to Create an Outstanding Persuasive Essay on Any Topic

Writing an essay

Essay writing is one of those tasks that students have to attempt number of times every year. Since Montessori until high school and even university, you will have to write essays. Even for securing admission in your required university or college, you will have to write an admission essay. This is also known as the personal statement. You will have to write essays for competitions and scholarships as well. An essay shows the capability and mindset of the writer. It is not merely a testimony of your writing skills but also depicts your thoughts, ideas, and approach to certain subject and even to life in general.

What is a persuasive essay?

Essays are of different types and forms depending upon their content and purpose. A persuasive essay or an argumentative essay is the type of essay where the writer has to convince his readers to his ideas. You need to give strong logic, develop bold arguments, and support them with evidence to be able to convince someone to your opinion. A persuasive essay does involve writer’s personal opinion and subjectivity but it must be supported with examples and facts from real life.

How to create a strong essay

If you are to write a persuasive essay for your school then you need to be careful with a certain things. You will face these kinds of essays more often than not. It is a great practice to get ready in advance for any such upcoming surprises. You need to be prepared so that whatever the essay prompt is, you can write a strong persuasive essay about it

Know your subject

It is important that when you choose to attempt a certain essay, you know what it deals with. Which subject it talks about and what area will you write upon. You need to be well familiar with the subject to be able to convince someone for or against it

Understand your topic

Sometimes the topic of the essay can be confusing. Break it down into chunks, so that you understand what you are required to do. Never rely on just one reading for understanding the topic. Read your topic more than twice even if you think you have got it right


  • Research the required information
  • Create an outline
  • Write the first draft of your essay
  • Edit and proof read your draft
  • Rewrite your essay