A List Of Outstanding Argumentative Essay Topics For College Students

Argumentative essay topics naturally create a buzz among college students. There is an inherent whim to go against the motion and gather data to that effect. Everybody loves a rebel and these essays offer you the chance to pose as one legally.

Poignancy and bite

It is the poignancy and bite of the essay topics that actually create hails and storms. Throw down a mundane piece and not even the solitary cow will graze at it. The topic has to be spicy, relevant and thought-provoking.

Here is a list of 15 outstanding argumentative essay topics for college students

  1. Is the Universal system of grading students ethical? – Here we get into the ethics of adjudging children.
  2. Should the Indian Railways be privatized? – Indian Railways is the biggest enterprise in the world. Will privatization be easy as pie?
  3. Should Soccer World Cup Finals be a one-match affair? – While one-match affair may be unfair, conducting three-match affairs may not be feasible.
  4. Are the modern distractions only troublesome or do they have some positives too? – Television, for instance, has too many channels to boast of. Some of them are actually educational.
  5. Should patients be given thorough details of the exact method to be carried during their heart surgeries? – Should the “Right to Information’ extend here also?
  6. Why are casinos not banned when they are known to deplete people off resources? – The same can be said about cigarettes and alcohol. Write an exploratory essay.
  7. Should in-house cleanliness be made mandatory? – The rubbish in your home affects your neighbors as well. Think of it.
  8. Is US doing enough towards promoting energy-consciousness? – The US is carrying commendable energy-efficient purposes, but is that enough?
  9. Is it correct to censor nude scenes in movies when adults probably go with the sole objective to see them on the big screen? – The adults, we feel, should enjoy the right to ogle on celluloid.
  10. Do garbage disposal units actually work the way they are projected? – They are efficient, but are they as efficient as stated?
  11. Should hill station resorts be made tax free? – This is a definitive essay topic.
  12. Is there merit in the saying, ‘Who wears the Pants’ or should there be equality? – This should give a clear picture of the prevailing societal systems.
  13. Do continuous endeavors to rise create professional jealousy and back-biting in corporate offices? – Corporate offices are doing their homework, but are they ensuring general well-being?
  14. Are many criminals actually a victim of political vendetta? – Most criminals, we feel, are scapegoats of big white-collar players.
  15. Can 9/11 happen again in New York? – The security systems have been trebled since 9/11, so this topic would take some probity.