Inspirational Ideas For An Essay About Drug Addiction Among Youth

There is a growing fear of drugs and drug addiction among the parents of several youth across the globe. In some parts of the world, the issue is far more critical and complex than in most other parts. There are those who believe that this can be solved with the participation of the youth as a while and then there are those who think that the only way to achieve such a thing is a complete ban on dangerous drugs. But before you get into that territory, it is important that you establish a good topic for your paper. Only then can you come up with a good essay topic for the paper.

Good ideas on a drug addiction topic

Here is a list of interesting ideas on drug addiction among the youth.

  • Drug addiction in colleges: is it the truth or a myth
  • Is drug addiction among youth a more potent problem in developed countries?
  • Are there enough government programs to curb drug addiction at colleges?
  • How highly would you rate youth drug addiction as a menace?
  • List at least seven major ways in which drug addiction can be controlled in college campuses
  • Where can you expect to find the right mix of laws in college drug addiction?
  • Give three proposals for banning or prohibiting the idea of drugs of in the world?
  • Will it be fair to ban drugs altogether in colleges?
  • Look into the problem of drug abuse from a holistic perspective and suggest ways for combat
  • Extend your thoughts on the reasons for rampant drug abuse among young people
  • Write an inspirational piece urging young college goers to abstain from drug addiction
  • Can you build a case in favor of drug addiction? Reason out it advantages

Build your case well

It is enough to note that people in this world are against drug addiction. So if you will write a paper for drug addiction or drug use, it is fairly certain that there will be some backlash. In order to make the most of the opportunity, all you need to do is look into the issue as a whole and suggest ways in which people and the young population can be saved from it.

It is also not enough to say that drug abuse is a problem that the world faces. There are some ways in which the issue can be countered as well. Suggest these ways in your essay.