Composing A Prolife Persuasive Essay: Five Great Ideas To Consider

It is not an easy question, and the arguments are legion. Tread carefully.

In this article, we have listed a few helpful tips that you may use to make your case a persuasive one:

  1. Touch feelings, not numbers
  2. A major flaw in a lot of writings about this issue has been the failure to recognize that this issue is truly about human feelings and not scientific data. While the statistics and scientific evidence does help to make a case, the case, at the end of the day, is about issues that are very delicate. This delicate nature of the question can often bring about unreasonable positions from people on different sides of the coins, which make using numbers to make a case insincere and somewhat frivolous.

  3. Appreciate the gravity of the situation
  4. The very contentious nature of this debate makes easy discussion about it touch seemingly innumerable issues, it would seem like peeling an onion with perpetual layers. And keeping the gravity of this issue in mind, it is of utmost import for anyone writing or speaking anything about this issue to spend considerably mental faculties to make an argument, it is only right to do so.

  5. Use facts, strategically to make you argument stronger
  6. The laws are very clear when it comes to question about the choice of a mother in regards to keeping the baby. This makes making an argument to countervail the decision of the mother quite difficult since she is in verity the governess of her own body. Therefore, any argument must be very strong in order to be convincing. An easy way to do this is illustrate the flaws in a certain argument, instead of making perfect logic.

  7. Refer to research, but remember this issue is not entirely empirical in nature
  8. Again, science is only helpful in this context so as to help you make the case. Scientific facts, as true as they may be, do not make for a foolproof case. Remember the limitation of facts, and focus on philosophical questions instead.

  9. Be measured in your approach
  10. The question of the right to life of the fetus has stirred up very contentious debates over the years, and of different kinds and types and degrees. It is suffice to say that this debate is easily amongst the most delicate and complicated ones. Not only is it the question od the right to life of the unborn baby, but the right of the mother, that of the father, the duty to humanity are all called into question.